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Post-Construction and Home Renovation Cleaning Services by Coronation CleaningCoronation Cleaning is here to help make the cleaning portion of your renovation project that much easier! With our home renovation and post-construction clean up services, we provide a full maid house cleaning service to your home whether it be simply the specific areas that the construction occurred, or giving your home a top down cleaning.

Renovations and home construction projects can be an exciting time as a homeowner, whether it’s a brand new build, kitchen, bathroom renovation, or something as simple as new flooring. But before you can enjoy all the glory that these new improvements bring, the task that waits for you right at the end is the inevitable pesky deep cleaning of the area.

Local, Reliable, Professional Service

Our fully insured, bonded and WCB covered crews are the perfect partner for trades professionals such as general contractors and restoration companies that need a service provider to provide the professional touch needed to make your work stand out, or really wow your client when returning home.

We provide fully detailed cleaning services for new home construction, to give the house a top to bottom service prior to your client getting the keys to their new home. What better way to wow your client on their first impression, than walking in to a spotless home?

These cleans are quite often tricky to deal with, and can be quite the headache. Between the fine drywall dust that has a way of going on every nook and cranny across your home, to the larger stuff like sawdust and wood from new cabinets, getting your home to look like the dream space that you envisioned after the work has been completed is annoying to say the least!

When our cleaners arrive, they do so fully prepared for the task at hand with the necessary supplies, equipment and tools that could be needed to ensure that the home comes out looking spectacular. For construction cleaning jobs, this includes the use of heavy-duty shopvacs that are able to suck up all the fine dust and debris from areas that would otherwise take countless passes, or simply get missed.

With these cleaning services, many areas can tend to look clean prior to drying. Washed walls and baseboards look clean until the area dries, and the leftover dust will often still remain layered on the surface, leaving a pesky task to deal with only hours after the last clean. Look no further than the service professionals at Coronation Cleaning to ensure that this doesn’t happen with your home!

Our customer service team are experts at ensuring that jobs are routed on time, and that our cleaning team arrives when we say that we will, allowing for organized trades on what can often be a busy service day wrapping up in the home. If you’d like to discuss these services in more detail or receive a free estimate, call us today to find out more, and we will be happy to show you why Coronation Cleaning will be a welcome change to any cleaning service providers that you currently use!

Additional Cleaning Services

We hope you will be so pleased with our cleaning services for your business that you will choose to have us do regular residential cleaning or even a move-in/move-out cleaning when you move out of your home or move into a new one.

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