There are some household items, in particular, that are replete of germs, but they are often overlooked. This is a huge no-no, as every item in a house needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent serious issues from arising, such as health matters. Keep reading to learn how to clean these items that are often ignored by the majority of people.

Bed Pillows

Just in case you were not aware, bed pillows should be cleaned every three to six months. To find out how you should wash your pillows, it is important to check the label that accompanies them. Most pillows on the market can be washed on a gentle cycle with hot water, utilising a liquid detergent. To balance the load, it is recommended to wash two regular-sized pillows at a time. If they are king-sized pillows, one at a time would be your best bet. It is important to run pillows twice thought the rinse cycle.

Accompanied with two clean tennis balls, place your pillows in the dryer and set them on low heat. They might take up to two hours to completely dry; it all depends on the material that was utilised to construct them, which is why you should check on them every now and then. It is important that pillows are 100% dry, as you don’t want mold and mildew to grow on your pillows!


The ideal way to clean your washer is by washing a load of whites. The water must be hot, and chlorine should be used so that sanitization takes place. You can opt to do this every month to keep your washer in perfect condition when it comes to its cleanliness.


This item should be cleaned once a month. Into a dishwasher-safe cup, go ahead and pour vinegar. Afterwards, place it upright on the top rack. (The dishwasher must be empty.) Sprinkle one cup of baking soda on the bottom and then run the dishwasher with hot water on a half-cycle. This should get the job done!


This type of item is frequently neglected. Disconnect your mouse and keyword to de-crumb your computer. You can utilise a soft-bristled paintbrush to remove debris and dust. You can even utilise a brush hose attachment with your vacuum. To disinfect, pour a very small amount of alcohol onto a cotton ball and wipe down your mouse and keys. For deep crevices, utilise a cotton swab. Laptops can also be cleaned this way, but make sure you turn it off completely, unplug it, and remove anything that is in the ports. Make sure to clean your computer at least once a month.


For bags that are plastic or vinyl, utilising a disinfecting wipe would do! For leather bags, using baby wipes that are alcohol-free are a great option; even so, make sure to first test the wipe on a small spot of the bag. For bags that are made out of cotton, you can opt to hand wash them with hot water or just put them in the washer. Clean your bags every week to keep them in good shape all year round!

Drain & Sink

It is important to sanitise your sink every day with a disinfecting wipe. Once a mouth, you should pour one cup of bleach down your drain, then pour hot water. If you have a septic system, don’t utilise bleach; instead, opt for half a cup of baking soda, followed by one cup of vinegar and then rinse with a cup of boiling water.

Make It Happen!

Take the information said in this article into account from now on and keep your household as clean as possible. Household cleaning will reflect on your visitors that you are a very responsible individual!